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Levage de béton, THE leader in concrete lifting and straightening since 2015 throughout the province of Quebec!

Lifting and straightening concrete slabs, filling voids under concrete and stabilizing soil. We use a patented, efficient technique that has proven its worth for decades. Fast and efficient, it’s a sustainable solution that costs much less than rebuilding.

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Concrete Lifting

The product used to lift and straighten concrete slabs is a high-density polyurethane. Our product is hydrophobic. It reacts even in the presence of water, which is often the case under concrete slabs. It's also very light compared with concrete. It weighs 4 lbs/cubic foot compared with concrete, which weighs 100 lbs/cubic foot. The product is made from 40% recycled material. This product is environmentally safe and non-invasive. We offer several products with different load-bearing capacities, whether for residential, commercial, industrial or mining applications, we have what you need. Our product has a load-bearing capacity of 14,000lbs per square foot up to 28,800lbs per square foot. Our product can also be used to stabilize concrete slabs and fill voids under your concrete slabs. If your slab vibrates under your work equipment or cracks easily, this indicates a void under your slab.

Concrete stabilization

Filling voids under slabs is important not only to extend the life of your slab, but also to prevent it from settling and cracking. It can also increase your slab's load-bearing capacity by up to 28,800 lbs per square foot. The product used is durable and effective, and is the product of choice in Canada

Territory Served

Located on Montreal's South Shore, Levage de Béton travels to all regions of Quebec: Montreal, Montreal's South Shore, Montreal's North Shore, Montérégie, Eastern Townships, Laurentide, Central Quebec, Beauce, Outaouais, Gatineau, Ottawa, Hull and all other regions. For commercial and municipal work: We cover all of Quebec and Ontario. For residential work: We cover the entire province of Quebec.

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If you can answer YES to the following questions:

Is your slab in good condition?
Has it been poured in place (we do not lift interlocking paving stones)?
Is the slab more than 2 inches thick?

We lift concrete slabs by injecting high-density polyurethane. Our product can also fill voids under slabs, stabilizing them.

We inject polyurethane at high pressure to level all kinds of concrete slabs:

pool, sidewalk, basement slab, garage slab, parking lot, house-on-grade slab, concrete step, precast concrete step, etc.

There are several good answers. Depending on where your slab is located, the reason may be different:

poor soil compaction, soil erosion, water damage, poor slope, a gutter too close to the slab, clay soil, drought, construction on frozen ground, freeze/thaw effect, etc.

Most of our interventions take less than a day.

There is no delay following the work. You can now fully enjoy your slab and return to your activities.

Yes, if there is no water damage or natural disaster (earthquake, flood, etc.).