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CONCRETE LIFTING planning a project? Need a quote fast?

Concrete Lifting

Are you looking for a quick, damage-free solution for your sagging concrete slab?

Concrete lifting is the ideal solution for you. This technique saves time and money. Most concrete lifting jobs can be completed in less than a day. You can enjoy your concrete slab as soon as the work is completed.

We use a hydrophobic product for concrete lifting. It reacts even in the presence of water, which is often the case under concrete slabs. It is also very light compared to concrete. The product is environmentally safe and non-invasive.

Concrete straightening can be carried out on any type of slab, such as :

  1. Concrete sidewalk
  2. Concrete parking lot
  3. Concrete slab
  4. Concrete driveway
  5. Concrete stoop
  6. Concrete step
  7. Basement slab
  8. House-on-grade slab
  9. Heated slab
  10. Concrete patio slab
  11. Concrete pool sidewalk
  12. Garage slab
  13. Warehouse slab
  14. Commercial slab
  15. Garden shed slab
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How to lift a concrete slab




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injecteurs dans la dalle

How the concrete lifting is done?

1. We drill hole in the slab 5/8 inch

2.We look if there is any void under the slab

3. we install the injector in the slab

4. We inject the high density polyurethane under the slab to lift and stabilize the slab

5. We do the work we an precise equipment to mesure the level of the slab.

6. We inject we 2 reactor when we do large slab to avoid crack in the slab.

7. When the lifting or stabilizing is done, we patch the hole with epoxy or fast concrete mix.

Why concrete lifting instead of redone it?

1. The concrete lifting is done in less than one day
2. The cost of the concrete lifting is up to 60% less expensive than redone the entire slab.
3.The polyurethane use do not put more weight on your soil like the mudjacking does.
4. We can do the work all year long for the interior slab. no need to wait until the spring arrive.

Where can we use this solution :

1. All commercial concrete surfaces (concrete roads, airstrips, farm buildings, agricultural silo turnarounds, etc.).
2. Track straightening.
3. Straightening of sagging sidewalks.
4. Filled the void between 2 concrete slabs
5. The void under the slab can be filled
6. Increases the soil's load-bearing capacity and stabilizes it.
7. Straightening of foundation footings 8 more than 4 feet and concrete slabs (interior and exterior).

What product is use to do concrete lifting?

The product used to lift the slab is a high-density polyurethane.

Our product is hydrophobic. It reacts even in the presence of water, which is often the case under concrete slabs. It's also very light compared with concrete. It weighs 4 lbs/cubic foot compared with concrete, which weighs 100 lbs/cubic foot. The product is made from 40% recycled material. The product is environmentally safe and non-invasive.
polyuréthane haute densité