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Levage de béton


Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization

AP Soil 600

AP Soil 600 is one of the most impenetrable permeation grouting products on the market.

This is a single-component, water-soluble, hydrophobic, low-viscosity polyurethane-based grout. This permeation grout is ideal for stabilizing loose sand and soil around all types of concrete structures, as well as for remediating sinkholes.


1. Encapsulates and reinforces loose soil.
2. Very low viscosity for good soil penetration.
3. Waterproof.
4. Adjustable setting time
5. Pumped as a single component.
6. Phthalate-free (more environmentally friendly).
7. NSF 61-5 certified (approved for contact with drinking water).

Application :

1. Permeation grouting to make soil impermeable. 2. Sand and soil stabilization for areas at risk of erosion. 3. Stabilization around gutters and manholes. 4. Improvement of soil bearing capacity

Equipment required

- Single component sprayer

Soil stabilization with polyurethane

Unstable or eroded soil around infrastructure can lead to settlement and structural damage. Voids can be filled, embankments backfilled, soil consolidated and water migration halted by infiltrating the soil with one of the AP Soil series of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resins. Once the load-bearing capacity of the soil has been increased by this process, the structure can be lifted if necessary.