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Can my concrete slab be lifted

Not sure if your slab can be lifted, straightened or leveled with polyurethane injection? Here are a few examples of what we can do.

Concrete Sidewalk

sidewalk sinking

concrete Parking lot

trottoir affaissée

Concrete slab

Sidewalk sinking

Concrete Driveway

trottoir de béton affaissée

Concrete step

concrete step sinking

concrete patio slab

Patio slab sinking

Basement slab

garage slab sinking

House slab

dalle maison

Heated slab

dalle maison affaissée

Concrete pool sidewalk

Pool slab sinking

Garage slab and shed

Basement slab sinking

Concrete porch

Concrete step sinking
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How do I know if this solution is right for me?

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself. If you answer yes to any of the questions, this solution is right for you.

1. Is my concrete slab at least 3 feet wide?

2. Is my concrete slab less than 30 years old (is it in good condition)?

3. Did my concrete slab cost more than $1,000 to make?

4. Did it sag less than 20 inches?

5. Does the work have to be done quickly?

To receive a quote for the work you must have the following data on hand and transmit them to us in your quote request:

1. Size of slab. Example: width x length x thickness
2. Subsidence or voids under the slab in inches.
3. Is your slab interior or exterior
4. Picture of the slab


Work done in less than a day

less expensive

Up to 60% less expensive than redone it

Long Lasting

Increase the life of your concrete slab

Work clean

without damage your landscaping