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We can filled the void under your concrete slab

Concrete Slab stabilization

A cavity under the concrete can cause a collapse and damage the structure, or someone could be injured when a slab collapses. High-risk structures include your basement, garage, driveway or deck. A cracked bottom slab creates an uneven surface that can pose a safety hazard. That’s why it’s so important to fill the void beneath your concrete slab.

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Patio slab

Is your patio suspended in mid-air because of the void?

The slab could give way at any moment. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Have the void filled to prevent cracking and accidents.

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Commercial Slab

Do your concrete slabs vibrate when your equipment (lift) passes over them?

Slab vibration can create long-term cracks in your concrete slab, and we can help. We offer a concrete slab stabilization service, better known as concrete slab void filling. Even though the void to be filled may not be large, it can still pose a problem. When the slab vibrates due to a void or lack of compaction, there’s a risk of cracking and sudden slab collapse. If you have new robotized equipment, don’t wait for error codes to stabilize your slabs. Your employees could be injured in such an event. Prevent accidents to avoid higher CNESST premiums.

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Pool Sidewalk

Your pool sidewalk sags over time, but some of it doesn't?

It’s best to fill the void under the concrete slabs to prevent the sidewalk from cracking and prolong the life of your pool.

Are you planning to change your pool liner?

Have you thought about having your sidewalk stabilized before you do the work? Your sidewalk is just as important as your liner, because it’s often attached to the sidewalk.

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Precast concrete Step

Precast concrete steps are empty on the inside.

Sometimes they are installed on the foundation of your home with anchors, or simply rest on the ground as shown in the photo.

We offer lifting and stabilization of precast concrete steps.

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Foundation Footing

Excavating near your foundation?

When there’s a void under your foundation footing, it’s at risk of moving. Prevent future foundation movement by stabilizing your footings.

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Grain silo

Do you have voids under your silo?

Before you put your annual crop inside, it’s important to stabilize the slab and fill the voids.

The weight of the grain puts a lot of pressure on the slab, which can cause it to crack and destabilize your silo.

To avoid losing your harvest, contact us today.

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